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Focusing on alternative rap, hip-hop and lofi

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Björgvin Benediktsson

"Tim is the mixing and mastering engineer I go to when the audio engineering gets too technical for my paygrade. All of his mixes sound powerful, dynamic, and professional." -Björgvin Benediktsson, Best-Selling Author of Step By Step Mixing and Founder of Audio Issues.

Connor Spratt

"Tim is great to work with. No matter if it's a full mix or just mastering he always gets the powerful clear sound I'm after" - Connor Spratt, Alternative Hip-Hop artist.



 Worried about your music not being loud enough? Or worse, so loud it's distorted and turned down by streaming services?

I can help you get the perfect sweet spot so that your music is both loud and dynamic on Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and all other streaming services.

No matter if you are after mastering, mixing or mix feedback, I'm able to offer you a free virtual one-to-one meeting to discuss your project and how I can turn your track into a punchy 'streaming ready' master, leaving you to concentrate on making music. 

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What Can I Do For You?

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Woodlands Lane Mixing and Mastering Ltd


Registered in England, company number 12732987

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Speak to me directly 0117 2870147


Please contact me to discuss your project and how best I can help you achieve the best sound possible.



If you would like to book directly for my consulting services you can click the link below and pay online.



If you'd like to discuss how I can help you or even if you just want mix advice or feedback, I offer a free half hour virtual meeting. You can book directly on my calendar and you will be sent a zoom link.


If you are ready to book a mastering slot you can book directly on my calendar and pay your deposit. You don't have to upload your track at this time, but it does reserve your slot.