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Ready to take your productions to the next level?

Take a listen to some clips from Coz Greenhalgh's fantastic new album 'Ultraloud introvert'. These were recorded in 'GarageBand' on an iPad using a simple audio interface. Use the A/B button to flip between the finished mastered version and the iPad original.



Bristol based musician Coz Greenhalgh launches his new album 'Ultraloud Introvert' on all major streaming services now.


"Hi, I’m Coz, I’ve been a musician for 18 years and write and record at home, using GarageBand on my iPad, Tim has mastered harnessing my music and producing it! From Garage To Gold!"


The process

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We start by taking your shared GarageBand project (from GoogleDrive or DropBox) and loading it on an iMac. From there we export a range of reference tracks and all the individual tracks removing any effects. We also export any midi tracks (notes).

The process

We then take all the audio tracks and clean them up. Guitar bleeding into the vocal? Fridge humming in the background? No problem, we'll get the tracks sounding as clean as possible using spectral processing.


Even the best singers use some processing during production. We will pitch correct your vocals and correct any timing issues, so you sounds as best you can.


Now we will load everything into Ableton or ProTools for mixing. Now is the time to add any production elements. Want a real drummer? Is your rock track crying out for a sax solo? Need some backing vocals? Can't quite get the middle eight right? No problem, we have a roster of musicians and singers we can reach out to, to add that final polish.


Using electric guitars? We will 're-amp' any D.I. guitar tracks using a range of good quality emulations so everything sits nicely in the mix.


Not happy with you synth sound, or your piano sounding too 'honky'? We can replace any midi instrument with synths, including the likes Serum, Sylenth, Iris, Synthmaster and many others.


We will then carefully EQ every track to make sure everything fits together nicely and no instruments are masking each other. We will also remove any harsh frequencies and resonances.


Then we will add effects to each track. Adding EQ, compression, reverb, delay and saturation using a range of quality effects. At this point we will do a full 'mix-down' of your track and send it to you for any feedback. Don't be afraid to say, 'The snare is too quiet', or 'I don't like the reverb on the guitar'. Remember it is your track! We will then incorporate your feedback and send you a final mix for approval.


Finally after you approve the mix we will 'master' your track. This uses a range of different plugins and emulations and even some outboard analogue gear depending on the genre. This will bring up the loudness of your track while maintaining a good dynamic range. 


Finally we meter the track for streaming services. This prevents the track being 'turned down' when played on the likes of Spotify and iTunes. We then send you the final master for approval. We can help you with distribution to streaming services if you don't know how to do that. That's it! Remember the track is yours, you maintain full ownership and copyright, although we wouldn't mind a credit!



"Wow, Tim - so much nicer to listen to. You are working miracles."

Gina LaMonte - Singer / Songwriter - Florida USA

"Very's still the same spirit but so much nicer to listen to."

Nic Hamilton - Ageing punk making guitar based gum/pop/punk - East Sussex UK


"It's amazing what good production can do to a song. A super job Tim, I can't fault it."

Oliver Lasserre - Songwriter - London

"Wow Tim. The difference is truly amazing!"

Simon Rider - Songwriter / Producer - Cannock Staffordshire UK

"Excellent, Sounds great, love that organ"

"Absolutely LOVE it!"

Coz Greenhalgh - Musician - Bristol UK

"Tim is the mixing and mastering engineer I go to when the audio engineering gets too technical for my paygrade. All of his mixes sound powerful, dynamic, and professional."

Björgvin Benediktsson, Best-Selling Author of Step By Step Mixing and Founder of Audio Issues.

"Tim is great to work with. No matter if it's a full mix or just mastering he always gets the powerful clear sound I'm after"

Connor Spratt, Alternative Hip-Hop artist.


Ready to get started?


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