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Focusing on alternative rap, hip-hop and lofi


Wizard A/B Player for websites.


This player is hosted directly on your website. It can play up to seven wav file pairs (up to 24bit) and you can flip between them at the touch of a button. Features, play, pause, stop, scrub and volume controls. The graphics are fully customisable (you can edit the png files using any graphics program). Song details and graphic config files are simple JSON text files.


This plug-in has been tested in WIX and Wordpress hosts. Any host that can support custom HTML/CSS/JS and access to a media directory can be supported.


I can customise the player to your exact requirements.


Plug-in has been tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge browsers. Works on desktop, tablets and now mobile. 

Music from https://www.zapslat.com


For demonstration purposes the B version of the tracks is a filtered version of the A track.